• ‘DeathRing’ Chinese Malware Found Pre-Installed On Several Smartphones

    Article Source: http://thehackernews.com/2014/12/Mobile-Malware-Security.html

    Malware authors are trying hard to create malicious software with more innovative ways to infect victims. A new mobile Trojan horse infection has been discovered by security researchers that comes pre-loaded onto low-cost Chinese-made Android smartphones popular in Asia and Africa.
    The trojan, dubbed DeathRing, is a Chinese Trojan that masquerades as a ringtone app and comes pre-installed onto some cheap Android smartphones most popular in Asian and African countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Taiwan, and China.
    DeathRing malware app cannot be uninstalled or removed by the end user or by antimalware software because it comes pre-installed in the system directory of the handsets at an unknown point within the supply chain, making the threat even more severe.